5 Useful WordPress Plugins for Small Businesses

There are a lot of quality WordPress plugins, but here are 5 of the most useful ones we use here at Symposium

Visual Composer Logo

  • WPBakery Visual Composer

What makes Visual Composer Good?

Visual Composer by WPBakery is one of most robust visual editing solutions for WordPress pages.  Featuring drag and drop functionality and loads of extra plugin support; many themes you'll find today will incorporate Visual Composer as a package.  Extra plugins range from something simple like parallaxing backgrounds to fully baked functionality like WooCommerce Page Builders for selling your products online.

Where to find Visual Composer

You can download Visual Composer here

What does Visual Composer Cost?

A single-use license for Visual Composer costs $34 and can be purchased at the link above.

WooCommerce Logo

  • WooCommerce

What makes WooCommerce good?

WooCommerce is the #1 e-Commerce plugin solution for WordPress.  Years ago; shopping carts used to be expensive to get up and running.  WooCommerce has made everything involved blindingly simple.  Just install the plugin, activate it, and you'll be set up automatically with pages for a Store, Shopping Cart and Checkout as well as customer accounts.  Additionally; there are over 350 free and paid extensions for WooCommerce that handle everything from integrating with various payment gateways to setting up recurring payments, figuring out shipping rates with UPS and set up dynamic pricing.  If you know how you want to set up your online store, your best bet is to look to WooCommerce to help get you up and running.

Where to find WooCommerce

You can find and download WooCommerce from their homepage.  If you want to view a list of extensions, you can visit the WooCommerce Extensions Page

What does WooCommerce Cost?

Your standard WooCommerce installation is free.  Extensions and plugins pricing vary depending on what you're looking at.

Yoast SEO Logo

  • Yoast SEO

What makes Yoast SEO good?

Yoast SEO is a fantastic plugin for on page keyword optimization for any piece of content you have on WordPress.  From posts, products, pages and images; this simple tool lets you put a keyword focus on anything you create and gives you a measurement of the quality of the SEO focus the piece has.  Yoast also has a variety of functions available in both the free and paid version.  You can view a list of their full features here.

Where to find Yoast SEO

If you want to make sure you are best positioned with SEO on your WordPress page, you can find the plugin homepage here

What does Yoast SEO Cost?

Free for the initial plugin; $69 for the premium bundle.

Site Origin Page Builder Logo

  • SiteOrigin Page Builder

What makes SiteOrigin Page Builder good?

The Page Builder framework from SiteOrigin is similar in a lot of ways to Visual Composer, but with at least one key differentiating factor; the price.  Page Builder is fast, responsive and offers a wide range of options available, including the ability to customize the CSS of any element you choose.  This site was actually built on Page Builder, so use it as a testament to what's possible!

Where to find SiteOrigin Page Builder

You can find SiteOrigin's Page Builder framework on this page

What does SiteOrigin Page Builder Cost?

"Free, and always will be" -- the SiteOrigin Page

  • AMP

What makes AMP Good?

We've talked extensively about the effects of Google AMP on SEO, so it would make sense that we're including a plugin for it here.  This very simple plugin allows you to turn posts on your page into AMP-ready posts.  This helps SEO by dramatically increasing the load time and offering server-side caching by Google.  Once the plugin is installed, you don't have to do anything else.  Your posts are automatically now AMP compatible to make a big difference in your mobile users load times!

Where to find AMP Plugin

Download WordPress AMP Plugin Here

What does AMP plugin cost?


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