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Google IO 2016 is Here!

We'll be liveblogging Googles yearly developer conference. Liveblogging starts at 1:00pm est. Here's what we know so far.

Android N

The main event

We all know that every year Google introduces a new version of Android at its IO conference.  This year was a bit different as Google decided to release a developer preview of Android N early; giving people a glimpse of what the newest iteration of Android looks like.  Things like Split-Screen multitasking, battery live tweaks and adjustments to a new quick settings button are all tweaks that were built into the developer preview.  Early reports on the split screen mode were that it was fast, responsive, and well thought out.  We expect to see much more from the newest version of Android here, but what we've seen so far is, indeed, very exciting.

Chrome OS and Android Closing the Gap

A Convergence of Operating Systems

The divergence of two operating systems has been a bit of an interesting journey for Google.  ChromeOS has come quite a long way away from a simple Chrome window into a more fleshed-out desktop offering, and they've made a compelling case for themselves over the years as good replacements for the Windows-based netbooks of old.  More recently; reports have been showing up that Google intends to merge the Chrome operating system with the more robust Android OS.  The convergence of which could mean a unified platform in which all manner of notebooks, phones, tablets, and anything in between could be running a version of Android rather than multiple operating systems.  This is very similar to the approach that Microsoft has taken with its Windows platform, but we're very interested to see what comes from a more unified front, as Android on Laptops have always been of keen interest to us as we've even experimented with the Android-x86 project several years ago.  Call us crazy; but we think the world could use another desktop-class operating system.

Android Wear 2.0

Google's Wearable Platform Likely to get a major update

As long time tech early-adopters, we've often seen the highs and lows of new technology being brought to the forefront, and Android Wear is no exception.  The pared down operating system from Google meant for Wearable devices was certainly a leap of faith for some on the early tech front, but we've seen an explosion of wearable devices over the last few years since its inception.  Apple's own watch, while most likely selling more units than any one Android Wear watch, has really failed to catch on in the typical Apple fashion that everyone is so used to, and the democratization of the Android hardware ecosystem has brought on some pretty great advances.  There have been a number of small-but-important updates to Android Wear since its inception, but today we're likely to see what the next iteration of this platform looks like.  

Android Auto

Google's Fight to End Terrible Infotainment Systems could see an update

While there hasn't been much buzz about Android Auto being present in Google IO, it makes sense that we should expect some updates about the platform to save auto manufacturers from themselves.  It's no secret that in-car "infotainment" systems have been, largely, well, garbage.  Android Auto is aiming to close that gap fighting alongside Apple's CarPlay initiative to make the user interfaces more compatible with what we've come to expect from touch screen devices.  It's likely that we'll see an update to Android Auto in the coming hours; whatever that may mean.

Twitter Activity May 18, 20162:57 pm

With Sundar back on stage; it’s time to end our coverage of Google IO 2016! Thanks for tuning in, and there will certainly be plenty of updates from us about some of the features you saw today.

Until then, keep on the grind!
~~ Chris May 18, 20162:46 pm

Android Instant Apps; no more installs when clicking on an app related link! Absolutely insane May 18, 20162:40 pm

Update to Firebase backend including analytics and many, many features. Free and unlimited! May 18, 20162:28 pm

Standalone apps on Android Wear 2.0 via BT, WiFi or Cell Connection. Wonderful! Developer Preview available now, full update available in the fall. May 18, 20162:24 pm

Every watch face can show things from every app May 18, 20162:23 pm

Android Wear 2.0; here it comes! May 18, 20162:14 pm May 18, 20162:14 pm

Introducing Daydream; virtual reality on Android gets a reality check! May 18, 20162:07 pm

Finally a clear all apps button! Also recent apps alt-tab on double tap. Love it! May 18, 20162:03 pm

Automatic updates without interactions! May 18, 20162:01 pm

App installs 75% faster on Android N May 18, 20161:57 pm

Here comes the Android N Preview May 18, 20161:57 pm

65bn installs on Google Play last year May 18, 20161:48 pm

Incognito mode in Allo could be a great way to chat with end to end encryption! May 18, 20161:46 pm

Playing games with Google through the Allo app! Open to developer community to produce chat-based games. A return to text dungeon master games perhaps? May 18, 20161:42 pm May 18, 20161:42 pm

Reservations right from the chat window, fantastic! May 18, 20161:39 pm

Okay that’s pretty cool; automated contextually aware responses. May 18, 20161:37 pm

Google Allo! May 18, 20161:31 pm

An update on Photos is coming! May 18, 20161:31 pm

As always, its up to third party developers to take it the rest of the way. May 18, 20161:30 pm

Sundar is back May 18, 20161:21 pm

Here it is, Google Home! May 18, 20161:20 pm

Google Home available later this year. Everyone can have a conversation with Google May 18, 20161:18 pm

Over 25m Chromecasts sold. Here comes the Google Assistant! May 18, 20161:17 pm

Really impressive demo displaying the depths of being able to chat with Google May 18, 20161:15 pm

Orders of Magnitude ahead of other query services. We believe it! May 18, 20161:09 pm

Google AMP gets some love! May 18, 20161:06 pm

1 Million people from China tuning in May 18, 20161:06 pm

538 Events in 100+ Countries around the world. Massive stream May 18, 20161:06 pm

Sundar Pichai introduced. Over 7,000 live in person. Countless others watching live May 18, 20161:04 pm

Here we go! Lots of dancing May 18, 201612:57 pm

Less than 5 minutes away, here we go! May 18, 201612:09 pm

We’re officially 1 hour away from the keynote; very excited to bring this to you all as a new test for us. We’ll keep you updated with the latest information and screen grabs from the keynote, stay tuned!

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