Mobile Development

Mobile Development Your Way

Tired of overpriced agencies or outsourced shops? While using Symposium for your Mobile Development needs, you're getting the best team in the industry without paying for the overhead that most development shops add into the cost.

Initial Mobile Consultation

Let's create something beautiful together.

App Analysis

Mobile applications can encompass an endless variety of ideas; what's yours? Whether you have the next-big-thing for an idea or are a company looking to expand your audience, we get to the bottom of what your needs are by analyzing where you currently stand in the process and what you need to achieve.

Identify Your Goals

Is your goal to make a million dollars? Create the next big social network? Or are you simply out to reach more customers? Identifying your goals is an element that's crucial for mobile development. It's easy to get caught up in the excitement and brainstorm your app to do anything under the sun, but we work with you to make sure you get to an MVP that hits the goals you set.

Execution Plan

We will provide you with a proposal for complete documentation and professional-grade specs, wireframes and creative along with a cost proposal and timeframe for completion. Because while we're confident that we're among the best in the business for mobile development, we want to make sure that you understand why it is that we're the best, and the cost plan is the perfect way to establish that trust.

Documentation and Development

Leveraging the best talent in the industry to create the best app you can get


We pour over every single note, email, phone call, voicemail and meeting to make sure that we hit every point that you need your app to hit. We work closely with our UX and Development experts to make sure that a clear line of communication is established between all stakeholders, and all documents produced are a direct reflection of our understanding of your needs.

Wireframes and Rapid Prototypes

We work tirelessly to provide you with an coherent, optimized user flow and experience. You'll be involved in every step of the way for the design of the app, and wireframes and rapid HTML prototypes will be delivered to you throughout the course of the first step with us.

Finalized Creative Assets

Once the user flow is optimized and the user experience is well defined; it's off to the creative team to put their brilliant minds to work. We work directly with some of the industries top graphic designers to produce a quality product that we're confident you'll fall in love with. Because an app should not just be functional, but designed beautifully in order to entrance your audience and keep them coming back.

Mobile Development Begins

And the wheels of innovation are turning!

Fast Mobile Development

We aren't one of those agencies that take your money and don't speak to you again until they feel the project is done. Like everything we do here at Symposium, we view development as a continuing conversation, even after we go through the creative process.

Bi Weekly Demos

Mobile Development is a living, breathing virtual animal. We understand this, and work with you to provide continuous feedback and get the app in your hands at every stage. As a result, every 2 weeks you'll receive a demo with updated features for you to test out on your own device and we provide you with a vehicle for constant feedback because for us; your voice matters.

Testing and Quality Assurance

At Symposium; we believe in the power of extensive testing. The ultimate goal for everyone involved should be a bug free, perfect experience for the user. This is why we dedicate a significant chunk of our development time to testing and making sure that everything is running the way it needs to before it ever leaves our hands.

Ready to start your mobile application?

If you're ready to take the first step; there's no commitments or obligations, let's just have a conversation to see if its a good fit.