Planting your Social Media Roots

The Beginning Stages of Meaningful Social Media Interaction

Likes can be nice; but how do you establish your brand as a thought leader in the industry?

"Everybody Loves Me!"

Getting started on Social Media in any serious way can be a bit intoxicating at first.  We've written about this before in our post about ROI and Gaining Momentum.  New followers, new likes, maybe a re-tweet or two, slowly growing your network of 'fans', its all very exciting.  While it's important to realize that not everything is an opportunity, and not every interaction is going to be meaningful, planting your roots and growing your social media presence can be the ultimate vehicle for getting your message out to your audience.  So how do you grow in a way that makes sense for you or your business on social media without getting pulled in the wrong direction?

1. Read.  And Share.  A lot.

Due to the magnificent scale of the internet; there are a number of publications and news sources on just about any topic known to man.  If you have something you're interested in, or something that's relevant to your business, know the topic and do your research.  Spamming out meaningless links may get a few quick followers, but the goal with sharing content on your social media platforms is to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry or interest.  Knowing about the trends of your industry and having an informed opinion can make an incalculable difference when it comes to having interactions with a potential audience that makes sense.  Your user base is likely pretty good at identifying bad content versus quality content, so make sure that you are able to share things that make sense.  

2. Learn the Big Hitters in your Industry

Everyone loves followers, but knowing who to follow can also help you gain recognition early on and help you tailor your audience to better suit your needs.  While it might be fun to follow a few novelty accounts (@Floridaman comes to mind), making sure you can follow other thought leaders and heads of industry in your chosen interest can be a real boon to your presence.  If you see something from them that's relevant and makes you interested in learning more, don't hesitate to reach out to that person or share that post directly and thank them for their contribution.  It's very likely that while you are paying attention; so are scores of other people.  The more you grow your presence with influencers the better chance you have at becoming a thought leader yourself.  Being a trusted source for good, relevant information is always a very good goal to have.

3. Don't be Selfless

While you're spending your time curating your Twitter and Facebook feed to make sure that you are able to post relevant content in an effort to gain followers and recognition, make sure that you have original content on your own that's worth showing to your audience.  Fresh, original content written by you, on your site, should be added in to your social media posts on a regular basis.  This helps to ensure that not only are you an expert at finding and sharing information, but that you're also capable of creating content on your own.  Independent thought can be especially rewarding on Social Media when you've already shown that you know your industry and its key players very well.

4. Interact Daily

Keeping an eye on social media and relevant content daily can be easy to forget to do.  Having your morning coffee and going through emails thinking about your tasks for the day lends itself to focus on immediate paying work rather than social media; we get that.  But working social media interaction into your daily routine can be a great way to stay fresh of mind to your audience and make sure that you grow your influence just a bit every day.  

Keep on being social; it's in our nature!  In case you need help doing a little of the heavy lifting, you can always Contact Symposium and let us help you.  We work to understand your industry, and you would do well to let us help you out if you need to focus on growth and are struggling with your social media presence.



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