Quality Content is the Cornerstone of Good SEO

Writing Quality Content to Boost Rankings

Search engines try to find the best relevant results for users. What does that mean for you?

"I want good rankings!"

Search engines, at their core, are all trying to do one simple thing; bring the most relevant search results to a user based on the search term(s) that they use.  There are many people out there that will try to sell you tricks to boost your rankings, but artificial boosts may not pay off and can be dangerous for your search results in the long run.  So how do you build a solid foundation for getting your site to list organically?  The answer is relevant, quality content.  Here are 5 tips to keep in mind.

1. Tell a Story

Everyone and everything, no matter what it is, has a story behind it.  One of the goals that you should focus on is accurately telling the story of the platform, service, or product that you're trying to drive traffic to.  By doing this, you'll establish your site as a trusted source of information for your focus and help you increase visibility.

2. Tell it Well

When telling your 'story', make sure to write naturally.  Don't try to 'keyword stuff' your posts to try and get the most traffic; the end goal is quality over quantity.  Getting 10,000 visitors to your site means nothing if none of them are converted and they all leave instantly.  As such; make sure that you write what comes naturally to you.  If you have something interesting to say about the topic, say it!  Telling an interesting, relevant, focused story is what users will want to see when they come to your site.  If they come in and see a keyword-stuffed article that has a lot of words without really saying anything, they're going to leave. Fast.  So tell your story well.

3. Tell it Often

So you have quality content written, the copy for each page is perfectly tailored for what you want to say, and it's in a format that's easily readable by search engines.  Perfect!  Now that you've told your story, keep telling it.  Writing a blog on your domain about your industry / focus is a great way to continue to stay relevant.

4. Share Your Tale

Shakespeare would have died a complete unknown if it weren't for sharing his stories in the theatre.  Point being; it may not matter how much content you write if it's not shared with anyone.  Sharing with your audience has a direct correlation with driving traffic to your site, and can be a great way to start a dialog.

5. Offer Value for Content

Call me old fashion, but when I write I try to stay away from the Clickbait articles, and truly believe that most people feel duped when clicking on an article only to have it be a blatant cash-grab for advertisement. Ultimately, you're trying to sell your potential audience on the value of the knowledge, expertise, or products that you bring to the table.  There should be a good reason that people come to your site; don't disappoint!  The knowledge that you have in this world should be a value add to the community and should contribute something of substance to the conversation about it.

So that's it for now; 5 valuable tips to generating relevant content and driving organic traffic to your site.  Remember; not everyone can be Shakespeare, and that's okay too.  There's always value in hiring a quality copywriter to take what you want to say and shape it into relevant content.  If you need any content written but are struggling to find what to say, you can always Contact Symposium and we'll be more than willing to work with you to help you "Tell Your Story".



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