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  • In the "Age of Google", your company may have the greatest website known to man but what if no one knows about it? Over 85% of daily website traffic can be traced back to Search Engines, so how can we help you capitalize on this potential? A surefire way to help increase your ROI and traffic to your website is through Search Engine Optimization techniques. At Studio Symposium, we recognize that the need for organic search results is almost on par to the need for new client acquisition. A professional, clean website approach along with SEO tactics is a fantastic way to increase the relevance of your site in the eyes of the consumer or potential client.

  • How SEO Works

    Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an often overlooked but ever-important aspect of marketing your website. How are you going to make sure that your website isn't going to be lost in the vast sea of companies all vying for the same customers as your company? At Studio Symposium we will work with you and your web designers to make sure you are able to have the best presence on the internet as you can possibly have. Think of our SEO techniques as a deluxe automated car wash system. How does this regimen of naturally-gained search results occur?

  • Google Analytics - Google Analytics is a comprehensive website-tracking service that allows us to monitor your websites traffic and core demographics. At this point, your site is a ball of clay and we look to get a baseline figure of your demographics and traffic levels by first procuring initial results.

  • Keyword Monitoring - After base statistics are established (typically between 2-3 weeks time), we then take a look at the keywords that identify your site as well as a few other parameters within the HTML of your website. These are integral in allowing search engines to find your site and tag it to relevant searches.

  • Adjustment - The adjustment of keywords and tags in your sites HTML code is an ongoing process. We will analyze your tags and code on a regular basis, providing you with clear, concise results and recommended remedies for each potential problem we find. We work with you to determine the best solution or course of action.

  • URL Analysis - Another integral part of our comprehensive SEO package is a full-site analysis of the URL titles as they would appear in a search engine. By helping you maximize the potential of these page titles, we can help your company fully realize it's potential to reach your valued customers.

  • Continual Reports - Oftentimes, comprehensive SEO techniques are not an overnight process but more of an ongoing procedure to make sure your site is in top shape for the internet to see. We will work with you to determine a reporting schedule that works for you and will make recommendations before any changes.

  • These essential concepts, as well as other proven techniques will help you be positioned at the top of search engine rankings and reach the audience your site is intended to. We want you to know that when working with us clear and concise communication and dependable results is a sure-fire path to developing the relationship that Studio Symposium.

  • Keeping Tabs

    It is important to note that, while we are aware of the ever-changing nature of search engine optimization and keep up with the latest techniques, there are no guaranteed results. This is because the guidelines by which Google, and other search engines, determine the quality of a websites contents are not known to the general public, and only a few things are revealed. As such, when shopping for an SEO expert, please realize that whenever someone says "Results Guaranteed", they are displaying their techniques in a dishonest light. By providing continual reports of progress made by the site through Google Analytics, we can aid you in providing suggestions to follow, but cannot, and will not, guarantee results.