Small Business Blogging

The Effect of Small Business Blogging

Yes, blogging can help drive sales. Period.

The Effect of Blogging on Traffic


People don't see the value in telling a story.  It's easy to understand this; why put resources towards someone talking about something when it's not doing anything to increase your bottom line?  The simple answer is that this assertion is flat wrong.  Blogging drives sales, period.  Okay, while it’s not necessarily true that just writing something will automatically increase your sales (this isn’t Field of Dreams, after all), writing coupled with the right strategy to broadcast that content will help drive traffic an order of magnitude great versus not writing at all.

Don’t believe me? That’s fine, so let’s do a little exercise, shall we?  Put on your blogging lab coats and let’s try something.  Write something.  Give me (yourself) 300 - 500 words on something that’s relevant to your business.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.




Done yet?  If so, congratulations.  You’ve written some (presumably) quality content.  Now, go broadcast that on your social media channels.  Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Google+ / anything at all where you currently have some sort of foot print.

Bake for 24 hours.




Great!  Now check your analytics.  Did you see an increase in traffic to your site?  Chances are you did.  Check your Twitter activity.   Your Facebook likes / post reach, your LinkedIn metrics.  Did they all go up?  Again; chances are you did.

The Cold, Hard Numbers

Not convinced?  Keep doing it.  11+ times / month.  Then get back to us.  We aren’t saying this to be sarcastic, but studies have shown that companies that write between 15 - 20 times per month on their site and share that article through proper channels see an average bump of 3,500% in traffic and leads versus sites that create very little or no content at all.  As a matter of fact; Hubspot, the marketing solutions company and brilliant people that they are; measured exactly this over 13,500 of their customers.  Here’s what they found:


Effect of Monthly Blog Posts On Traffic

Impact of Monthly Blog Posts on Inbound Traffic
Companies across the spectrum have seen a dramatic increase in benefits between 6-10 posts and 11+, but no greater is the difference than with companies that have over 200 employees, which see more than double the indexed traffic at 11+ posts versus 6 - 10.
Impact of Monthly Blog Posts on Inbound Traffic for B2B vs. B2C
Regardless of whether you're B2B or B2C, the benefits of blogging carry over. While there might be a slight decline in B2B, everyone can benefit from increasing their blog post count.

Effect of Monthly Blog Posts on Leads

Impact of Monthly Blog Posts on Inbound Leads
The correlation between the number of monthly blog posts and the number of leads is tremendous. Versus not blogging at all; this should be as clear an indication as ever that the more you write the more leads you're likely to get coming into your website.
Impact of Monthly Blog Posts on Inbound Leads by Company Size
Small businesses benefit the most here. By posting 11+ times a month, businesses with 1-25 employees in size see a drastic increase in the number of inbound leads.
Impact of Monthly Blog Posts on Inbound Leads for B2B vs. B2C
It's clear that B2C is influenced the most here. The benefits of posting more frequently in a B2C environment are drastic when the frequency is increased beyond 10 / month.

Effect of Total Blog Posts on Traffic

Impact of Total Blog Posts on Inbound Traffic
The total number of blog posts leading to an increase in traffic spikes drastically after 300 posts are written on the site. Once you get to 400+ the traffic spikes even further. The take away here is that while it may take a while to get to that number of organic posts, it's crucial for building a long term growth strategy.
Impact of Total Blog Posts on Inbound Traffic by Company Size
Again here we see small businesses benefitting the most from having an increased number of blog posts after 300+ has been reached.
Impact of Total Blog Posts on Inbound Traffic tor B2B vs. B2C
No surprise here; after 400+ posts, B2C sites see a huge spike in inbound traffic. While they usually stay at relatively the same level from 100 all the way to 400 total posts, once they reach beyond that there's a sharp spike.

Effect of Total Blog Posts on Leads

Impact of Total Bog Posts on Inbound Leads
Again no real surprise; the total number of inbound leads that come into a website are directly proportional to the total number of blog posts on the site, and see a spike between 300 and 400 total posts.

Impact of Total Blog Posts on Inbound Leads by Company Size


So what are the key take-aways here?  However much content you have, you probably need more.  In the vast majority of cases, an increase in blog post count is directly related to the total traffic that comes into the site, leading to an increase in organic leads and arguably to an increased number of sales.

If you ever need content written to get started on your journey for web relevance; contact us to get started.


Until next time

-- Chris

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