Small Business Weekend

Small Business Never Really Stops

You've worked hard all week, and it's time for the weekend. Even though it's Saturday, you still have to engage

"Okay, give me my coffee and lets do this"


As a small business owner; there are times when resting is much needed and appreciated.  It can even be good as it can help to clear your head.  But sometimes, even on the weekend, it's good to stay engaged with your audience.  With that in mind, let's do this!

This can wait... actually no it can't


One of the hardest things to do as a small business owner can be finding the motivation to keep going every day.  There are times when things will be moving quickly, and other times when it won't be.  Staying motivated through the troughs of activity can be a challenge for some people.  If you have something that needs to be done, especially on a weekend, it can be near impossible to think of working when all you want to do is sleep in and forget the world.

"I'll just do it Monday" you think.  Then you get restless and keep thinking about it until, eventually, you know you aren't going to feel okay unless you do something for it.  While this can be a dangerous path to burning out, it's good to keep that instinct in check.  Maybe doing something small for an hour or so that will help you set yourself up for the next week will be what you need.  But you need to know that you aren't crazy; you're a small business owner.

So; how do we stay productive on a weekend and satiate that need that we have to constantly be going full throttle?  Here are a few things we do on the weekend to help that won't consume your entire day.

Engage Your Audience


The weekend can be a great time to expand your influence on Social Media.  Attract new followers, write a blog post (hey there!), put something up on Facebook, muse about a sale or product you want to highlight.  All things that you can do to interact with your potential customers that won't take too much time and will help you feel productive in the morning before you start your day of forgetting the world until Monday.

Check Analytics

Finding out about your audience from the previous nights engagements can be a great way to spend some time understanding your site or business.  Seeing where your traffic is coming from and what seemed to be working the most doesn't take a long time to do, and is an effort that should really be done every day anyway.  

You can also check your sites SEO performance metrics.  Are you ranking for any new keywords?  Have you moved up or down the ranks?  Again, this is only something that should take no longer than a few minutes to scan through and give you some ideas for the coming week.

Write that email

Do you have something that you want to say to someone?  Follow up with a potential client or keep someone up to date on a project?  Writing an email; even a draft, can be a good way to help you stay focused and organized in the morning.  Bonus points if you have something that will allow you to schedule an email to send out Monday morning.  This way you don't send things on a weekend and make it seem like you're nothing but a workaholic.

Task Management

Take some time to move some things around in priority for the coming week.  If you keep a to do list (I suggest Asana as a good start) then it would be helpful to arrange some things to get an idea of what crucial items you need to take care of first thing Monday morning.

You're Done!

Congratulations, you've managed to get a few things done that took no longer than an hour or so to do.  Now, go relax and enjoy the rest of your day.  Remember; even a small business owner needs time to relax, so enjoy the rest of your day!

Until next time; keep that coffee flowing!



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